Thanks to our various media buying platforms

We are connected to a huge market of digital advertising spaces in real time and mostly through auctions. Our work consists in selecting the right spaces and the right audiences to enable you to hit your targets!

Programmatic advertising

Search Engine Advertising

Social Ads


Programmatic advertising


Programmatic advertising is defined as the automated buying and selling of advertising space.

  • Having almost become the norm over the years, it enables the purchasing of display, native, video or even audio inventories on various websites, including news, financial, sport and lifestyle websites, price comparison sites, etc.

Smart selection

By selecting the context, audience, geolocation or even the device, we provide targeting with a high degree of accuracy.

  • By purchasing through auctions and in real time, programmatic advertising offers great flexibility and cost control to run profitable campaigns.

  • In addition, we work with artificial-intelligence tools that help us to determine the best purchasing price among infinite combinations of cross-referenced criteria.

The + benefits of Cosatic


  • Our approach is resolutely focused on media planning. We select the websites on which our advertisers are featured with great care, and on the basis of tangible data. This approach has a positive impact on brand image and also on performance.


  • We provide all the websites on which the adverts are displayed, as well as the related costs and performances.


  • Unlike the agencies that operate on limited platforms (such as Google Ads), our DSP (Demand Side Platform) purchasing tools enable us to cover 100% of the programmatic inventories. The addition of algorithmic overlays enables us to obtain maximal performance during campaigns.


SEA / Search Engine Advertising

SEA, or Search Engine Advertising, refers to advertising on search engines, mainly on Google.

  • It consists in buying advertising spaces in the search results depending on the requests entered by web users.

  • A high-performing acquisition tool for capturing potential consumers, it can nonetheless prove to be a money pit if badly handled.

  • Entrusting Cosatic with the management of your SEA campaigns thus enables you to harness their full potential and to maximise your ROI.

The + benefits of Cosatic


  • We offer free and comprehensive audits of your SEA campaigns to identify areas for improvement and the potential shortfalls in your current SEA campaigns.


  • We provide all the campaign search terms entered by web users that triggered the displaying of your advertisements. This enables us to better control the relevance of the bought key-words and to adapt negative key-words.


  • We only buy the key-words that bring a real added value to our clients’ business, and to their acquisition strategy. So, we only buy the brand key-words if this proves to be indispensable (trademark protection), or if the SEO fails. In this way, we maximise the business impact of our campaigns.


Social Ads

The great majority of social media platforms have developed their own advertising ecosystem, which makes them the largest advertising walled gardens.

  • At Cosatic, we run Social Ads campaigns on the following platforms: Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest.
    As a complement to the advertising tools of these platforms, we use external algorithmic overlays that enable us to perform better than many of our competitors.

The + benefits of Cosatic


  • We objectively approach the possibilities offered by the social networks and we only suggest the useful functions to our clients. In addition, we harmonise the KPIs and results with the other paid media levers to measure the performances from one platform to another in a similar manner.


  • We stand apart from our competitors with the use of algorithmic overlays on our social ads campaigns. These algorithmic overlays enable us to reduce the CPA by 30 to 80% compared with “standard” campaigns.


DOOH / Digital-Out-Of-Home

DOOH, or Digital-Out-Of-Home, refers to digital outdoor display. Compared with paper or analogue display, it offers new creative perspectives: video content, dynamic visualisation, adaptation of the message to the geographic zone, weather, day and time of display.

  • Compared with online advertising, DOOH has the advantage of being able to communicate on high-impact surfaces emphasizing the message.
    With a presence in streets, stations, airports, transport, shopping centres, service stations and other public places, DOOH panels offer reach and accuracy every time.

  • We plan our DOOH campaigns by selecting the locations that present the best cost Vs reach ratio. To do this, we use DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) connected to DOOH inventories, which enable us to choose and buy the most high-performing locations.

The + benefits of Cosatic


  • Cosatic was one of the first agencies in Switzerland to put in place a DOOH campaign using programmatic buying. Using chosen criteria (type of environment, size of screens, audience targeted, and time of display), our DSP tools enable us to buy spaces from 45 outdoor advertising companies around the world, with availability and price in real time.


  • We base our strategies and optimisations on a CPM indicator. CPM means cost per mille, effectively the cost per thousand people exposed. So our strategies are not only based on the cost per “play” but take into account the number of people who see the ad.