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Cosatic aims to meet the performance goals of its clients through all the possibilities offered by digital advertising: Programmatic advertising, SEA, Social Ads and DOOH.

A message from the founder


Creating a digital media agency in 2018: why and for what purpose?

This is obviously the question I asked myself when launching Cosatic. With a media landscape that has been turned entirely upside down by the American giants, global standardisation of inventories and technologies, and a major crisis of confidence between the advertisers and their agencies, we can legitimately ask ourselves about the role and the future of agencies in this ecosystem.

 Here are a few points:
  • With the preponderance of the American web giants at all levels of the chain, and more particularly that of the Google-Facebook duopoly, the role of independent and neutral stakeholders has become crucial and necessary.
  • Marketing has attained an unprecedented level of complexity and technicality. The managers and decision-makers working at advertisers are subject to very high standards: they must be both specialists and cross-cutting. Furthermore, as everything is trackable, there is a high expectation of immediate and quantifiable results. The support of external parties, who are specialists in their fields, is therefore more relevant than ever.
  • The complexity of digital marketing and the speed with which it evolves make it difficult to assimilate and comprehend. This phenomenon is accentuated by the lack of transparency too often maintained by various stakeholders in this industry. How can you be farsighted about your strategy and the resources you need to implement when you do not hold all the cards? Independent and agile agencies must be trustworthy partners.
Here are some of the themes of our project at Cosatic:
  • Proposing a holistic approach to paid media levers. The decompartmentalisation of the profession within advertising is more vital than ever. We want to have a global comprehension of our clients’ challenges and provide them with a specific response. This is the only way to offer a pertinent and pragmatic service for each problem that is assigned to us.
  • Putting consulting back at the core of media buying. The understanding and comprehension of the ‘media+data+technology’ set must be a pre-requisite for any communication action. We often hear that you should test, test and test again. Even before testing, you have to know and understand. So, here at Cosatic, we take a lot of time to find out, discuss and think with the main stakeholders in the market. We bring this knowledge to our consulting modules.
  • Putting transparency and trust at the heart of our project. Transparency is not just a matter of morals or ethics. Giving our clients transparency means giving them all the cards, so they can analyse and decide. It means ensuring that they have all the elements and all the data they need to build their strategy.
  • So, if you are reading this message and you are interested by our approach, come and submit your challenges to us and let us take the time to think about solutions that are really profitable to your activity.

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Our added value

This generalist approach enables us to holistically provide the most appropriate strategy for the goals set.